Toothbrushing tips for kids

As a mum of preschoolers, I know it can be challenging to get your kids to brush their teeth. Here are some pointers that hopefully makes your life easier.

Tooth brushing should start as soon as your baby cuts his first tooth. (Before this you can use a warm wet cloth to gently wipe inside your baby’s mouth and tongue) Try including your baby’s toothbrush in with their bath toys – chances are your baby will put it straight where it belongs – in his mouth!

Toothpaste shouldn’t be used until 18 months of age. After this a low dose fluoride toothpaste should be used. Remember with kids and toothpaste, LESS IS MORE. Only a smear/pea sized amount should be used and children should be encouraged to spit. No rinsing is required.

Flossing should begin once a day (night time is ideal) once two teeth are in contact. Grownups will need to floss teeth for young children but flossetts (floss on a toothpick) are a great tool for preschool aged and primary school kids to learn to floss. Make sure there is a mirror in the bathroom at their eye level to increase your child’s chance of successful flossing.

Brushing for the adequate time of at least 2 minutes can feel tediously long for children! Try turning on some music and getting them to dance and brush for the duration of a song to fun things up 

Tooth mousse is a product that works in conjunction with fluoride to strengthen enamel and reverse early decay. It is applied topically to teeth after they are brushed and flossed. The important factor for kids is that its delicious!  Try using it as an incentive for brushing.

n.b Tooth mousse can only be purchased from a dentist.

If you have any individual toothbrushing issues please feel free to contact me via our webpage, email or call us at the surgery.

Happy brushing kids!

Dr. Jess
Oak Tree Ballarat Dental

BDSc. (Melb.) (Hons.