Sleep Dentistry

Although our dentists will strive to treat most cases within our own facilities, there are situations when it may be more efficient and appropriate to treat our patients under general anaesthetic. These situations include:

  • Very young patients who require extensive or complex dental treatment

  • Anxious patients who would prefer to have dental work done while they are asleep

  • Patients who require multiple extractions such as wisdom teeth removal

  • Patients with special needs.

Our dentists are able to treat you or your child under general anaesthetic at the Ballarat Day Procedure Centre if it is decided that this is in the patient’s best interest.

Treatment under general anaesthetic allows: 

  • Treatment to be conducted comfortably and efficiently and to the highest quality, as general anaesthetic will eliminate any issues with cooperation, communication or anxiety

  • Alleviation of concerns about young children developing a dental phobia from a young age that may lead to avoidance of the dentist in the future, especially when treatments required are extensive and complex

  • Treatment of all of your child’s teeth under one general anaesthetic session

  • Treatment of dental emergencies such as tooth aches, infections and swellings in children who are unwilling or unable to cooperate or adults who are highly anxious or have special needs.



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