Ballarat Dentist & Dental Care Clinic

We are re-writing the definition of dentistry


We are reinventing the entire experience of going to the dentist.
Lack of trust. Fear of being judged. Even the smell of the dentist.
We have removed it all.
We understand these stigmas and know with our team at Oak Tree Ballarat Dental, we can change the perception of dentistry.
Honest. Kind. Soothing. This is the new dentistry, starting right here in Ballarat at Oak Tree Dental.

Top-rated dental care from award winning dentists


Honest and outstanding care comes from only the best of the best.
That’s why we only hire from the top 3% of our clinical candidates.
When we look for dentists and dental nurses to join our team, we don’t just look for good, or great.
We look for amazing. 

Honest dentistry


Oak tree Ballarat Dental is a dental studio located in the heart of Ballarat offering excellence in dental services to everyone from everywhere.
Oak Tree’s promise of honest dentistry starts with being trustworthy, loyal, fair and sincere with you.

Safety always first


Safety is our priority with health checks for Covid-19 before your visit and on arrival.
We believe a safer dental visit begins before you come in with a pre-visit health check.
When you arrive, we’ll check your temperature with a contactless thermometer. Symptoms? We’ll respectfully ask you to reschedule.
We have ensured social distancing is maintained in accordance with the 4 square metre rule.
We will ask you to rinse your mouth with an anti-viral rinse when needed.
We will always keep our masks on along with enhanced PPE.


Full-service dentistry


Our dentists with decades of experience safely provide both general dentistry and specialist dental services, ensuring all dental needs are completely covered.
We accept the full range of private health funds. Make sure to check if your health fund is one of our preferred funds to learn if you’ll receive a larger rebate for our dental services. Oak Tree Ballarat Dental is also pleased to offer bulk billing as part of the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme – this scheme allows for you to have up to $1000 of our dental services bulk billed for your child aged from 2 years to 18 years.

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Preferred Funds

Three-dimensional dentistry


Oak Tree Ballarat Dental invests heavily in the most advanced dental technology.
From 3D CT machines, that map out the detailed anatomy near wisdom teeth for safer procedure planning, to fully digitalised 3D guided dental implant placing equipment,
We have it all.
3D dentistry allows us to produce accurate diagnoses, accomplish the most beautiful aesthetics, craft finer restorations, and most importantly make your experience a more comfortable one.


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